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Feel fulfilled, like you are making a difference all while having more time and making more money. 


We all want to know how to do that. I have a variety of offerings that will help you get to where you want to be. Whether that's clearing up your inner interior or learning the logistics of how to sell on Amazon, we create the feeling “more money than I know what to do with”. That is the centerpiece of every offering!

The Secret Millionaires Academy


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Letters to You, From You

THE creation COURSE

The reason we get stuck or feel blocked, in most cases, are things that need to be cleared up before we can move into creative mode. 

The no-nonsense, fluff-free way to build a business from home that’s actually profitable — without joining an MLM or becoming an influencer.

Work with me 1:1

This is an intense 2x a week, 1 hour Zoom to up level of creation. You have done some beginning healing and ready to wrap that up and move into creation mode. 
We take you from healing in survival mode and quantum leap you into massive growth and open you up to receive all the abundance you deserve. 

Let's get personal

From the moment I met Britt I could feel how intouch she was with her own knowing—I was immediately drawn into this, there was something about her that felt magic. Britt has shown me how to get more intouch with my inner knowing and to pass off the unknowing with absolute trust. Since I have learned these tools from her my personal awareness and alignment has soared.

Brit is amazing! She’s a proven entrepreneur who knows the ins and outs of running a successful shipping company while balancing being a mom. Her course is very easy to follow and tells you exactly how to run an Amazon business. SMA teaches it all!

My sessions with Britt have already been life changing and I have just begun. Areas of my life are being accelerated in big ways and I am so thankful. With Britt, I am able to find a new path forward with hope, excitement and increased resources all around. I was scared at the beginning but took the financial leap and it has already been more than worth the investment.

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"I was just like you. I always knew I wanted and deserved more."

I have always loved the feeling of being unlimited. Always extremely bumped by the word 'NO'. I was  a mom who had PPD. I would have panic attacks when my husband would go to work. The amount of debt we were in, if something happened to him, I would need to start a GoFundMe. Through the search of wanting to be able to feel financially secure for myself,  I followed steps and created systems. I love the sense of possibility, if I sense there is even an ounce of hope for a way, I am doing it. I love working  with others who feel the same! We create systemized solutions for you to feel the freedom of feeling like you are creating your wildest dreams! 


Abundance Expert, Amazon Teacher, and Inner Interior Mentor.

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